Motto: With Mary, hope

Maria Regina Grade School

(868) 625-5250

101-107 Abercromby St, Port of Spain

(868) 625-5250

101-107 Abercromby St, Port of Spain


PHILOSOPHY – Impact Through Education

Over the years, Maria Regina Grade School has been able to maintain an excellent reputation in the academic field. This school represents the traditional values of “reading, writing and arithmetic’. With that kind of solid foundation, its students have excelled at the Common Entrance exam, which has been phased out and in the Secondary Entrance Assessment exam which has replaced it.
At Maria Regina, the traditional values of discipline and respect remain strong. The staff is a dedicated group of teachers who understand the ethos of the school and who relate closely with the parent community. As a result, the teachers have acknowledged and accepted the challenges of preparing their young charges for the 21st Century environment.
As a Catholic School, Maria Regina Grade School instills in its students the significance of respect for traditional Catholic values. Thus, it is anticipated that the students will develop respect and love for God and country.


Mission Statement
“To be aware of the uniqueness of each person.
We strive to love, respect and educate each child in our school.”


Over the past fifty-five (55) years of Maria Regina Grade School’s existence, the focus has been on providing an exceptional educational programme, with a strong religious component for all of its students.
This strategic plan will provide the focus for staff and parents as the school continues to carry on its commitment to providing the best educational programme possible for its children.


Maria Regina Grade School has a culture of academic excellence and pastoral care.
Student achievement, as measured by standardised test results (Common Entrance and SEA), reflects passes and placement in 80-90% first choice schools.
From Infants One through Grade Five, students enjoy individual attention and special enrichment classes.
The school recognises that its strength lies in its teaching staff. Effective teachers make a difference in students’ learning; hence teachers need to be attentive and responsive to different learning styles and needs. Teacher training and development are seen as essential for the meaningful execution of their duties. This plan will therefore focus on motivating teachers to seek and seize professional development opportunities that will result in enhanced learning opportunities of students.
As we move forward, we envision our children becoming curious and excited about discovery and learning, becoming critical thinkers who are more actively engaged in learning, thereby maximising their potential and bringing about the very best in their academic and overall achievement.


To encourage and support the professional development of teachers through appropriate training.

Implementation Steps

  1. Conduct a needs assessment training survey
  2. Structure training programme based on needs determined
  3. Deliver training programme

To ensure each child is given the opportunity to maximise his/her full potential – academically, socially, emotionally and physically.

Implementation Steps

  1. Provide learning situations in the classroom to encourage the child’s overall development
  2. Expand a reward and recognition programme that will encourage and support the acceptable age-appropriate behaviours
  3. Encourage greater parent support and participation through more regular meetings and conferences

To ensure gender equality in the institution.

Implementation Steps

  1. Introduce male presence and positive role models
  2. Ensure gender balance in guest speakers, lecturers, etc.

To upgrade teaching methods by introducing technology into classroom instruction.

Implementation Steps

  1. Present a sensitisation programme to present definitions and methodologies in alignment with curriculum
  2. Develop and implement plan to integrate technology into classroom instruction
  3. Monitor technology usage
  4. Ensure project development by keeping current with educational technology trends​​